Best Serviced Apartments in Singapore for Short Term Stays

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  • 1 April 2024

If an epic adventure to Singapore is on your bucket list, you have to keep reading. 

We are spilling all my local secrets for finding the perfect serviced apartment for your stay in this one-of-a-kind city. 

In this super detailed guide, we’ll dish on:

  • Why budget service apartments in Singapore for short stay is better than hotels 
  • The primo neighborhoods to book your holiday digs
  • One stellar property called Fortville Serviced Apartments that’s perfect for visitors

Let’s get into it!

Why Stay in a Serviced Apartment Rather Than a Hotel for Short Trips to Singapore?

When you start looking for where to stay during your upcoming Singapore vacay, serviced apartments have some fabulous advantages over hotels, especially for shorter stays of a few days to a few weeks. Here are some peppy reasons I recommend you book a serviced apartment rental instead of a regular hotel room for your upcoming holiday here:

Roomy Space

Short term serviced apartments in Singapore are typically much more roomy than a comparably priced hotel room. You’ll be stoked to have a separate living room, dining area, fully stocked kitchen, and other luxury amenities, so you can really spread out and make yourself at home here. Hotels can feel kind of cramped while serviced apartments help you relax with abundant space.

Feels Like Home

Unlike boring cookie-cutter hotel rooms, serviced studio apartments in Singapore give you lots of thoughtful homey touches that make your stay way more comfortable and convenient.

You’ll have access to sweet amenities hotels usually skimp on, like a fully equipped kitchen with appliances, cookware and dishware. So you can whip up homecooked meals just like you would at home, instead of eating out 24/7.

There’s in-unit laundry too, so you can easily wash clothes and avoid pricey hotel laundry service. And many serviced apartment rental Singapore have shared lounge spaces and rec rooms for mingling with other guests if you’re feeling social.

The laidback residential vibe, abundant amenities and communal areas in serviced apartments help you feel like a true local during your Singapore vacation. It’s a total home away from home situation!

Privacy & Freedom

In addition to homey amenities, serviced apartments also provide greater privacy, quietude and freedom compared to crowded, noisy hotels.

You’ll have the entire sprawling apartment as your own private sanctuary, with no shared walls, hallways or lobbies. Crank up music or binge Netflix without worrying about neighbors.

As the boss of your own turf, you set the schedule. Whip up meals in the wee hours, come and go as you please with your own key, and simply enjoy the freedom and flexibility an apartment allows.

No more hustle, bustle or rigid hotel rules to adhere to. Your Singapore serviced apartment is your own personal retreat!

Sweeter Deals

Especially for longer stays of a week or more, serviced apartments are usually a much sweeter and more budget-friendly deal than comparably priced Singapore hotels.

You score significantly more spacious digs plus tons of extras and amenities for competitive nightly rates. Having ample room to stretch out and home conveniences galore is a steal vs. a compact hotel room.

And being able to prep quick meals and snacks in your kitchen instead of dining out for every single bite saves major dollars during an extended stay.

Perfect for Groups & Families

For globetrotters visiting this dynamite town in big groups or with kiddos, multi-bedroom serviced apartments are clutch. More peeps can chill comfortably in the expansive space and awesome amenities versus jam-packed hotel rooms. Having kitchens and shared areas makes group stays easier on the wallet too.

When you weigh the bigger square footage, fab features, homey vibe, enhanced privacy, stellar deals, and prime group digs, it’s clear why serviced apartments rock for short stays in Singapore. Time to ditch those cramped hotels!

Best Areas to Stay for Short Term Serviced Apartment Rentals

Now you’re convinced serviced apartments are the move over traditional hotels for your upcoming vacay in Singapore. But now you have to figure out exactly which district to crash in during your stay.

Marina Bay

If you’re pumped to be in the thick of the action, Marina Bay should totes be your top ‘hood for scoping Singapore apartments.

This glitzy downtown district is basically the heart of Singapore. We’re talking all the fly attractions, like Gardens by the Bay, the snazzy Esplanade performing arts centre, the iconic Merlion statue posting up by the harbour, and more.

You’ve also got some of the swankiest hotels, mad shopping at giant complexes stuffed with high-end boutiques, award-winning eateries by celeb chefs, and dazzling cityscape views for days surrounding Marina Bay.

Being just steps from world-class sights and maximum convenience when you pick Marina Bay for your Singapore stay? Yaaas, you’ll be loving life! This downtown ‘hood fully lets you soak up the cosmopolitan energy that makes Singapore so hype.

Orchard Road

Listen up, shopaholics – Orchard Road is straight up retail heaven! This vibrant street is packed back-to-back with countless massive malls and centers.

We’re talking endless stores selling chic designer threads, electronics, homewares, makeup – whatevs your lil’ heart desires. Iconic spots like ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, and Paragon are shopping landmarks here.

And vintage malls like Tanglin and Far East Plaza deliver old-school bargain charm. Dining and entertainment choices surrounding all the malls are off the chain too.

If being close enough to shop till you straight up drop at over 1,000,000 square feet of retail paradise on Orchard sounds like your dream vacay, this ‘hood is perf for your Singapore apartment!

Clarke Quay & Boat Quay

If you want an apartment spot mixing historical vibes with live nightlife, scope out Clarke Quay and Boat Quay’s long the Singapore River.

You can cruise the river, explore preserved 19th century shops, and get street food snacks here during the day. When the sun sets? Clarke Quay turns all the way up as a party central hotspot for bars, clubs and eats from around the world.

Get your fill of Singapore’s famous chili crab, then sip creative cocktails at the bumping nightspots right downstairs from your pad. Oh, and these areas still have some fancy homes, offices, and remnants of Singapore’s trading port past too.

For travelers craving tourist sights and after-dark action, Clarke and Boat Quay are clutch apartment picks!


If you wanna dive into Singapore’s diverse cultures, Chinatowns historic district should be your apartment go-to.

You can gorge on legit Chinese street food at hawker stalls, admire ornate temples like the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, browse ancient herbal shops, and peep beautifully restored shophouses turned hip bars here.

Dont forget to sample local faves like Hainanese Chicken Rice on the iconic Chinatown Food Street too!

Strolling through Chinatown shows how the ‘hood skillfully blends old traditions with new trends. The culture, architecture, people and cuisine here rep Singapore’s huge Chinese influences.

Kampong Glam

For a deep scroll into Singapore’s Malay and Muslim heritage, stay in Kampong Glam – it’s a prime hood for culture fiends.

The main Arab Street here has shops peddling colorful fabrics, rugs and handicrafts giving off Arabic/Islamic vibes. Pop into cozy stores for unique souvenirs, or grab sweet and savory Malay snacks.

Make sure to gawk at the stunning Sultan Mosque with its massive golden domes! Snapping pics of funky pedestrian walkways like Bussorah Street for the ‘gram is a must too.

Cafes and eateries in Kampong Glam range from hipster cafes to old-school spots serving up Malay curry and scrumptious nasi padang. Full immersion into Malay-Muslim culture FTW!

Little India

Last but not least, Little India is a vibrant enclave embracing the Tamil culture woven into Singaporean roots.

Shop for brightly colored silk saris, browse stalls piled with flower garlands and spices, and explore bustling 24/7 markets like Mustafa Centre here.

And dont miss sampling authentic curries, tasty thosai pancakes, and other delicious Indian fare at no-frills local eateries!

The magnificent Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple also offers some peace from the sensory overload of sights, sounds and smells that hit you in Little India.

Book Your Singapore Holiday Serviced Apartment Stay Today!

Planning an upcoming trip to Singapore? After reading this local’s guide, you can see why staying in a serviced apartment is a stellar choice versus pokey, pricey hotels when visiting this world-class metropolis. With abundant space, ample amenities, and easy access to attractions across Singapore, extended stays here are a total breeze.

Ready to start planning your holiday? Browse Fortville Serviced Apartments’ website at to view available units, features, location, and current rates. Book your stay today in these top-rated serviced apartments to make your Singapore vacation easy, affordable, and unforgettable. 


What are the differences between a serviced apartment, Airbnb, and hotel?

The main differences come down to amenities, space, and service. Serviced apartments provide more amenities and space than comparable hotel rooms, like full kitchens, laundry, etc. They also offer services like housekeeping that you may not get with an Airbnb rental. Airbnbs do provide more of a private home feel though. Hotels have the least space and amenities but offer full service and on-site staff.

Are serviced apartments only for long term stays?

Nope! While serviced apartments are ideal for long term stays of a month or more, they work great for short vacations too of a few days to a couple weeks. The extra amenities and home conveniences make short stays very comfortable too. Plus they can be more budget-friendly than hotels for short trips.

Do I need to sign a lease to book a serviced apartment?

You typically don’t need to sign a lease like you would for a long term rental apartment. Serviced apartments are booked just like hotel rooms, through online booking platforms or directly through the apartment company website. Stays can range from a few nights to many months with flexible booking.

Are serviced apartments furnished?

Yes, serviced apartment units come fully furnished so they’re move-in ready. Furnishings include living room seating, dining table and chairs, beds, wardrobes, kitchen appliances, cookware and utensils, TV, and more. It’s a fully outfitted home!

Can I request specific amenities at a serviced apartment?

Many serviced apartments allow you to make special requests for amenities not included by default in your unit, such as a certain type of kitchen appliance. Just reach out to the front desk upon booking or check-in to ask about available add-on amenities and any fees. They aim to accommodate requests if possible.

Do serviced apartments have fitness centers and pools?

Some serviced apartment complexes include building amenities like fitness centers, pools, lounge areas, etc. However, these recreational facilities are less common than at hotels. Check the specific listing for details on amenities beyond those provided in your unit. Don’t expect a full suite of amenities like a hotel.

Can I get daily housekeeping at a serviced apartment?

Most serviced apartments provide light housekeeping service 1-2 times per week. Daily full cleaning like at hotels is rarer, but some apartments do offer daily tidying for an added fee. Reach out to the front desk for housekeeping frequency details and any options to request more frequent cleaning.

What’s the best way to search for serviced apartments?

The best sites to scope out options are booking platforms like, Agoda, Airbnb, VRBO, and individual company websites.

Browse different locations, sizes, rates, amenities and reviews to compare. Narrow your search by neighborhood and number of bedrooms to match your crew size and budget.

Pro tip: Be open to lesser known companies too for deals on comfy, homey apartments that still have solid ratings. A little research goes a long way to finding your ideal pad!

Are Serviced Apartments Always Better Than Hotels?

It really depends on the specific property, but serviced apartments generally offer more spacious digs and amenities than a hotel room in the same price range.

The trade-off is you get less on-site services like daily cleaning. But apartments give you a more low-key residential vibe with hotel-like conveniences.

So it comes down to your travel priorities and budget. If you want room to spread out and don’t mind self-catering, apartments are prob nicer suites for the price.

Should I Buy Travel Insurance for a Serviced Apartment?

Short answer: yes! It’s always smart to purchase travel insurance no matter where you’re staying. Trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical issues – mishaps can happen anytime.

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re covered if you need to cut your vacay short and recoup any prepaid lodging costs. Definitely worth it.

Pro tip: Check if the credit card you book with includes complimentary travel insurance benefits. That way you can score coverage without an extra fee.